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Pavlova Meringue

image1A really simple recipe, one that can easily be scaled up or down….on tour I use fresh eggs and utilise the whites for the meringue and the yolks for the Creme Anglais garnish. Either make individual pavlovas or one large showstopper.

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Lemon Possets & Strawberry Jelly, with Orange Shortbread

Three simple and very easy recipes combine to make a cold elegant dessert, a far cry from the original posset which was a hot drink to aid sleep, it’s even referenced in Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish play’ when Lady MacBeth uses drugged possets to knock out Duncan’s guards… ‘Mock, their charge with snores, I have drugged their possets’ apparently. These days however, it’s mainly snores of contentment after a fitting treat to herald the end of a great meal

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