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Credit Graeme Hunter Pictures. Sunnybank Cottages, 117 Waterside Rd, Carmunnock, Glasgow. UK G76 9DU. t.01416444564 m.07811946280 f.01416444937 e.graemehunter@mac.com
Credit Graeme Hunter Pictures, " Sunnybank Cottages " 117 Waterside Rd, Carmunnock, Glasgow. U.K. G76 9DU. Tel.01416444564 m.07811946280 fax.01416444937 email - "graemehunter@mac.com"

Chef Aly Catering provides high class food and green rooms for any event, tour or festival. We know what we do and we do it well. We’ll work to provide amazing food and we’ll stay with you from load in to load out.

Whether it’s providing three meals a day or just dinner, our inspired menus will change daily and cater for all tastes and special requirements. Vegetarian options are just as tasty and appealing as our meat dishes and we never leave it as an afterthought. Chef Aly has even provided vegan only dinner menus on tour.

It’s also not just about three main meals. We can provide snacks through the day but why not let us tempt cast and crew with fresh fruit and vegetable juices, helping to keep the energy levels up on set or stage, naturally.

Don’t just have tour catering food, have Chef Aly food.


We will work alongside you from start to end and will remain a key component of the production. We know that sometimes schedules change and timings move. Our staff have worked in this industry for years and we’ll always adapt to keeping cast and crew well fed, ontime.

Efficient, professional and good at what we do. That’s how we work. We don’t just want you to have tour food, we want you to have memorable food.


As Chef Aly and his team have worked all over the world we have taken our menu inspirations from many countries and cultures. Chef Aly grew up in Egypt and worked in some of the country’s best hotel kitchens before working on some of the world’s biggest cruise liners and we’d like to impress you with our vast array of menu styles and dining experiences. Buying local fresh produce wherever possible, our inspired menus will change on a daily basis offering a variety of fresh salads, soups, mains and desserts. Lobster bisque anyone?

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Chef Aly Catering will also look after your Green Room and artists dressing room, adhering to your rider whilst also adding some of our own little touches.

With a permanent Front of House manager, we will create an environment worth talking about just as much as the performance. Mini bar, dry bar of full bar? Cheese, shellfish and meat platters can be arranged along with those all important sugar fuelled sweets.

Table football or table tennis is not a problem to arrange in the green rooms or dressing rooms (space permitting) – we’ll even set up a league or competition for the cast and crew to take part in!
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Our experience in the tour catering industry means we know hw important your budgets are. Our prices will include menus and Green Rooms to really excite the cast and crew and give you the confidence that they will be fed extremely well.

As we buy our fresh produce and supplies very well so we may be able to provide certain dishes you wouldn’t normally expect from your budget. It doesn’t always have to be shepherd’s pie or spag bol (unless, of course you request this!).

A larger budget gives even more choices to you and bigger freedom to our chefs. You may be surprised by the choice of food you can have on tour, but to us, high quality catering is the norm. We will not compromise our reputation (or yours) by offering anything less.
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